From the Bronx to the Barn


A baby boomer, I was born and reared in New York City. My family’s apartment in the South Bronx was a third-storey walk-up in a brick tenement building. It was one of the thousands. The smells and sounds of a dozen nations spilled into the streets where my friends and I played soldier, stick bat baseball, hop-scotch and tag. After college, I traveled to the Midwest to be a television reporter. That was in the early 1970s. 

Today, my husband and I operate a new grass-fed/grass-finished beef farm in Northwestern Wisconsin. This website chronicles the steps and stumbles to set up our farm. For me, it’s a journey that’s taken me From the Bronx to the Barn. I’ve written about farming and small community living for decades. During my career in public relations, I’ve served public and private organizations in health care, sustainable agriculture, manufacturing and education. I am currently working for a private foundation in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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