On Becoming Beloved Community


On Becoming Beloved Community… beyond diversity to solidarity.

You can talk about diversity and community, or you can try to live it. This author seeks to authentically do both.

For over 25 years North Minneapolis has been home to Marque and his family. Some may think it is far from his NE Iowa roots, but in a strange way he sees them as similar in many ways. Urban and rural folks have similar rules of engagement and respect, unique from their “sub-urban” cousins.

This attitude was foundation as Marque began teaching at North High School and then worked in various community organizations. A willingness to see similarity and build connections have forged relationships of solidarity across many cultural, racial, and economic divides. It is from this perspective he writes, teaches, and lives. His posts explore these experiences and the insights, he states, which his diverse community have allowed him to see and hold the keys to BECOMING BELOVED COMMUNITY.