Parks hearing on Boom Island/B.F. Nelson site cancelled


The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board has cancelled the May 19 public hearing on proposed plans for combining the B.F. Nelson and Boom Island sites into one regional park with new shelters and attractions. At a May 5 hearing, a couple dozen neighborhood speakers shot down the plan, asking for a more natural and passive appearance to the park.

Nick Eoloff, Project Manager, told the Northeaster the second hearing, which was to have the same content as the May 5 meeting, will be converted to an open house format at a time and place to be determined, probably in the week of May 24. Staff are anxious to get some kind of plan approved in order to use $1 million in state Parks and Trails Legacy Fund money which has to be spent by end of June 2011.

“If we had 12 months for construction, it would be easy, but we don’t,” Eoloff said. There’s only a few good months for construction, and some of those will be taken up with the bidding process. The total projected cost is $4.5 million, half of which would come from requests going in to future funding cycles. “We want to turn this around as fast as possible, do it all at once. It’s better for the park user to not have to keep closing it.”