Paige Collette, Tatiana Pavela, and Samantha Johns prepare “Buttercream & Scotch” for the People’s Center


A couple of weeks ago I saw the performance artist Paige Collette at Tarnish & Gold Gallery, in the role of a divorcing 40-something woman who alternately leaves voicemails for her husband and her lover as she makes increasingly sloppy drinks for herself. Collette cracked open a fresh bottle of whiskey at the beginning of the piece, so there was no doubt that this was truly method acting. It was hilarious.

It was a one-scene teaser from the full-length show Buttercream & Scotch, which Collette co-created with Tatiana Pavela. The cuts-to-the-quick comedy about “Aunt Gigi” was last seen in 2009, in workshop form; Collette and Pavela are now, according to a press release, “teaming up to re-write and re-imagine the show with visionary director/designer Samantha Johns (director of the Twin Cities Daily Planet’s #1 productions for both 2009 and 2010).”

It’s true, I love Johns’s work, and Collette’s (as I’ve previously disclosed, both are also personal friends of mine). The reborn Buttercream & Scotch will be presented at the Cedar-Riverside People’s Center from July 14-16. The gratifyingly on-top-of-things Collette has already asked me to visit a rehearsal, so you’ll be reading more about this show in the Daily Planet—but if I were you, I’d mark my calendar. In the meantime, if you’re into the idea, you can throw some money at the show via IndieGoGo. This show is going to be a complete mess, in all the best ways.

Photo: Tatiana Pavela (left) and Paige Collette, courtesy Samantha Johns.