Overriding the GAMC veto


The MN House and Senate passed a bill to reprieve the poor, elderly and mentally ill from absentee Governor Tim Pawlenty’s unallotment of the healthcare they receive through General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC). 

This bill passed the House 125-9. 38 Republicans voted on Friday to protect the poorest and those least able to take care of themselves.

Of course, Pawlenty faxed in his veto from out of town (CPAC convention in Washington, DC). Now, these 38 are being pressured to hold Pawlenty’s veto, as his presidential ambitions are more important than Minnesota’s poor, elderly and mentally ill.

The most interesting members of this list are Governor candidate Marty Seifert, MN State Auditor candidate former Secretary of State and current State Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, and House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers. Jim Abeler bucked Pawlenty and was one of the Override Six, so this wouldn’t be his first time standing up for what’s best for Minnesota.

Here’s the complete list of Republicans who voted for the GAMC deal that passed the House on Friday. If you see your legislator in this list, just click on their name. I’ve linked to their House pages. Please call your legislator and urge them to support overriding Pawlenty’s GAMC veto.

Jim Abeler
Paul Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Michael Beard
Laura Brod
Tony Cornish
Greg Davids
Matt Dean
Randy Demmer
Bob Dettmer
Connie Doepke
Keith Downey
Rob Eastlund
Pat Garofalo
Steve Gottwalt
Bob Gunther
Rod Hamilton
Joe Hoppe
Larry Howes
Tim Kelly
Mary Kiffmeyer
Morrie Lanning
Jennifer Loon
Tara Mack
Doug Magnus
Carol McFarlane
Denny McNamara
Mark Murdoch
Bud Nornes
Joyce Peppin
Tim Sanders
Peggy Scott
Marty Seifert
Steve Smith
Paul Torkelson
Dean Urdahl
Torry Westrom
Kurt Zellers