Overcoming obstacles to get to where I am today


I am an individual who has an immigrant background who along with other family members was fortunate enough to escape a war torn nation and seek a refuge in one of the most welcoming societies on, earth, the United States. This experience challenged my belief system helping me to realize the importance of education. Being the second oldest of a family comprising of three other siblings, the first generation to pursue higher education, along with parents who have raised the bar of expectations for their second daughter to go to college, did put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I came across quite a number of people, primarily natives, who complain about the course work they receive in school, but I on the other hand appreciate it for I know the adverse feelings that come along with being deprived from the necessity of education in developing countries.

Opinion: Overcoming obstacles to get where I am today

Occasionally I came home with loads of homework from school just to realize that my own mother wasn’t able to help me with it. I worked hard to overcome such difficulties via hard work and traveling long distances to libraries in unsafe neighborhoods to ensure that my future kids lead a life free from struggle and poverty. The vast majority of us tend to take a lot of things for granted and that sometimes includes education. We don’t see the good things that we have until we lose it. I remember being jealous of the other kids in my class when they talked about how their parents helped them with their projects, homework and etc. I know that my mother gave her full potential in terms of encouragement, for without that, all my current accomplishments would not have been possible. In this regard I have decided to take advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself in terms of education.

As I prepare to attend the University of Minnesota next fall, I am very optimistic about the future. I have a dream that will only be fulfilled through higher education, and I am excited because I am getting closer to my dream and finally being rewarded for my hard work. I believe that education will open many doors of opportunity for me and thus am committed to pursuing a degree in psychology along with a minor in english, in hopes of becoming a doctor and providing healthcare programs for low income families.

My character has led me not only to work on my own triumph but also those of the community I was raised in. I have been able to do that within my under developed neighborhood. Utilizing the knowledge I have generated from school and self education, I have managed to reach out to those that my past experiences could relate to. I truly believe that we must use the knowledge we know to help those who are unfortunate. Volunteering at xiito, which is a local tutoring center, has helped me reach out to young kids whose parents aren’t able to help them with their homework, a disadvantage I faced early in my life.

In the meantime, I’m working on furthering my leadership skills within my community and the greater society. Living in the projects has made me sensitive to its problems and passionate about helping others improve their state of life. Working and volunteering at my local community center gave me a chance to give back to my community. Tutoring elderly women in the English language and mentoring young girls are just two of the many community-reaching projects I played a major role at. At the end of the day I look forward to the day I graduate from collegeI and difference in a community where college graduates are almost nonexistent.