Out-of-Towners’ Showcase


I was unable to attend the Out-of-Towners’ Showcase at Bedlam last night, but I sent my mother to preview the teens shows presented there.  There was only one show that was geared primarily to teens and that was don’t u luv me? by Parabola Youth Theatre.  Information about this show can be found here.

Parbola is a church sponsored teen youth theatre from Cedar Falls, Iowa that states it explores the world of drama and how this medium can be used to educate, entertain, and engage. The group successfully condensed the show’s story line in its five minute preview. My mother noted that the play seemed like one of the made-for-teens afternoon movie specials they showed when she was growing up. But rather than explore topics like teenage pregnancy, suicide or drug abuse, this play tackles the often unspoken issue of “aggression and violence in teen dating.” Angela starts dating C.J., the coolest boy at school, but as their relationship progresses it becomes clear that C.J. is both very needy emotionally and an utter control freak seeing to control who Angela talks with, how she dresses, etc. My mom said C.J. gave her the creeps and reminded her of an old boyfriend. Just the fact that this show takes on such a little-discussed teen topic should make it worthwhile for teens to watch.

My mom was also intrigued by Andrew Fafoutakis’s preview of Prince and a Pauper and noted that Fafoutakis does a great karaoke version of Prince. This show was previously discussed in an earlier blog. Most of the other out-of-towner shows had more adult themes, but shows that teens might enjoy for the laugh factor alone are:

  • Wisdom: Part I by Jimmy Hogg (my mom can’t really remember what this was about but just remembers constantly laughing).
  • ONEymoon (A Honeymoon for One) by Dutch Girl Productions. A story about a woman who finds the perfect partner for marriage: herself.
  • O(h) by casebolt and smith, a comedy dance revue Ike & Tina style.

The Fringe starts today. If you have a show you think I should bring to the attention of teens attending the Fringe, please e-mail the info on your show to rar890@yahoo.com.