OUR STORIES | The drivers’ license campaign


Oprime los videos para escuchar dos perspectivas sobre el tema de las licencias de manejar para imigrantes indocumentados en Minnesota.

Click on the videos to hear two perspectives on drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants in Minnesota. The videos are in Spanish but we have provided brief synopses in English.


Miriam, 32, es ama de casa y voluntaria de la comunidad. Apoya una ley que daría licencias de conducir a imigrantes indocumentados.

Miriam,  32, is a homemaker and volunteer in the community. She supports the extension of drivers’ licences to undocumented immigrants because she has personally felt the effect of the current law. Her husband was stopped for driving without a license and was deported last year, leaving Miriam in Minnesota with her children. She would like a driver’s license herself so she can drive without fear of being deported. 


Jaime, 36, es chofer y esta apoyando  que daría licencias de conducir a imigrantes indocumentados.

Jaime, 36, is a chauffer and supports a bill that would make Minnesota drivers’ licences accesible to undocumented immigrants who live in the state. He says he has a license but he wants his community to have licenses as well. He encourages members of the media, lawyers, and community members to band together to support drivers’ licenses for all permanent residents of Minnesota.