Our Freaking Kids Show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


Well acted and well written, Our Freaking Kids Show is freaking funny. Kids who are actors and actors who act like kids join forces in a show within a show. Madcap shenanigans ensue. A small theater company is broke so they naively cook up a scheme to fill seats by writing a kids’ show. They anchor their cast with an Ivey Award winning child actor (Tucker Garborg, who probably will bring one home some day) with the craziest stage Mom ever (Rita Tredal Black, who channels the crazy day-after-Thanksgiving Target lady). The other two youth actors are spunky Lexi (Lexi Johnson, perfectly spoofing the over the top Disney child star style) and adorable and dangerous moppet Sophie (Sophia Feller, the youngest cast member, who holds her own with the veteran cast).

Kendra, the troupe’s playwright (Kendra Ryan) is at her wit’s end because most of the adults are more childish than the kids. The cast is frustrated with Kendra because she changes the script constantly. And director Greg (Greg Eiden) feels no stress because everyone keeps him supplied with bottles of special “European” water. And Dan Hetzel as the bad guy Uncle Lonnie, king of local kiddie theater will do anything to foil his rivals.

The show is listed for ages 7+; I would recommend this to anyone, even if they don’t bring a kid.