OPINION | Nobody asked me, but Congress is letting us down when it comes to gun control


Since 1970, more than 900,000 Americans have been killed by guns, in this country, not counting casualties sustained in our numerous military operations since then.

Over the same period, roughly 3,400 Americans have lost their lives as a result of terrorist attacks.

Nobody asked me, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that our Congress has shown a willingness to violate numerous constitutionally guaranteed rights in order to protect American lives from terrorist acts, while it shrinks from passing a single law to protect us from each other? Many in Congress use the excuse that it would violate our Constitutional right to form the “well regulated militia” guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment.

The joke, in this argument, is that no citizen, or group of citizens can arm themselves well enough to prevent the government from doing anything it wants. Can you say Waco? And, in the Waco case of the Branch Davidians, the compound would have been overrun in minutes, but for official concern for the women and children inside. It is Congress that is trampling our rights; and they don’t seem to need military backup.

Sadly, the rights we have let them trample are real rights. For example, let’s look at the right to be safe in one’s home from unlawful search and seizure. Read the Homeland Security legislation and your blood will run cold.

Nine hundred thousand Americans is roughly one and a half times the population of the city of Boston. Considering recent events, I wonder what Congress would filibuster if the entire population of Boston were gunned down.

Clearly, posted speed limits don’t keep everyone from speeding. Mandatory auto insurance laws don’t keep everyone from driving without insurance.

I am reminded of the words spoken by our great former president, John F. Kennedy, during his inauguration. Kennedy said, “All this we will not accomplish in the first 100 days of this administration, but, let us begin”.