OPINION | More soccer fields, please


My name is Reak Kueth. I’m 13 years old, I go to Green Central Park School and I live in Central Neighborhood. I’m writing to get support for more outdoor soccer fields at Powderhorn Park.

I play soccer because I was inspired one day when I was flipping around the TV channels and I saw a team called Manchester United. A guy on the team named Cristiano Ronaldo had just scored a goal. He became my favorite soccer player. After watching him, I went outside to practice and got hooked to playing soccer. I joined a team with the East Midtown Phillips (EMPY) youth soccer program. We play indoor soccer during the winter. I decided to join EMPY because it’s free and it gives me a chance to exercise and it helps me improve my skills. Every Sunday we play at Green Central School. Over 200 kids play every weekend and all of them live in the neighborhood. We all have our own uniforms.

My problem is that during the summer we have no space for us to play. My team and I want more outdoor soccer fields at Powderhorn Park because it is close to us. The only park where there is space to play is too far away for all of us. We met with our Park Commissioner Scott Vreeland to tell him that we want him to help us. Soccer fields are important for our kids because:

1. They will have fun
2. They will be commited to a healthy life style.
3. They will be away from the television.
4. It saves electricity by keeping kids away from video games and t.v.

My team and I want people to support more soccer fields in Powderhorn Park. So far over 1,000 people have signed postcards supporting us. But I also want to communicate with the neighbors in Powderhorn to hear what they have to say and so they can hear why we want soccer fields. The Minneapolis Park Board said there is no money to build soccer fields so we want to raise the money we need so we can all be happy.

Please tell the Minneapolis Park Board to support more soccer fields in Powderhorn Park.