OPINION | Dear Metropolitan Airports Commission: You’re ruining my life


My wife spends almost all of her free time and a good deal of her money on her garden. It’s her triumph, and the highpoint of our day is to sit in the back yard and take time with dinner to enjoy a wonderful Minnesota evening and her beautiful garden.

You have taken that away from us. We can no longer sit in our back yard with your jets screaming over our heads. You have deprived us of our property (or the use thereof) without due process. There were no published notices of this change in any local newspaper. There were no meetings at which we could propose alternatives to your plan.

To our readers: If you want to complain about the noise, you can call the Metropolitan Airports Commission at 612-726-9411 and either leave a message or talk to a nice person who will tell you the noise will continue through October.

You could also go to the SMAAC (South Metro Airport Action Council) website and register your complaints on their log. You could e-mail them at mpds@visi.com or write to them at SMAAC, P.O. Box 1936, Minneapolis, MN, 55419-0036.

Also, you could call the mayor at 612-673-2100 and ask him why his representative on the Metropolitan Airports Commission supports that kind of noise over our heads—especially since R. T. Rybak made his political reputation by protesting airport noise in his pajamas.