OPINION | Count me out on this one


There is a genuine attempt among some Blacks to implode President Obama’s legislative initiatives.

No, it’s not the usual suspects who eagerly await any opportunity to gain the notoriety of national cameras. Nor are they in any way allied with the existing remnants of the antebellum South.

To the contrary; this fledging group is composed of educated intellectuals of status, many with longstanding associations with the Civil Rights Movement. Most of them consider themselves successors to the King-Malcolm legacy.

I would venture that, to a person, each member of this budding movement voted for Obama, and many were worker bees during the election. The logical question, then, is why they are now finding reasons to consider actions that are antithetical to Obama’s plans to revive the country from its present doldrums.

The story, as told to me by one of this movement’s advocates, goes something like this: Obama’s immediate inner circle of top advisors (all White males) are afraid of the impact of bringing “race” into the equation at this time. They are afraid of alienating some of those marginal legislators whom they feel are pivotal in the passage of what they consider some absolute priority legislation.

The new group of civil rights advocates, who at the time remain nameless, believe that public display of Blacks and other civil rights supporters across the country will remind President Obama that “race” must remain among those top priorities.

Regardless of how great and well-intended the basic premise of the group may be, I, for one, cannot go along with this one.

First of all, too many of us have worked too long and too hard to see this day with a Black man at the very top of the ladder — even if he does nothing. For every step that he takes is one more step for all of us.

Secondly, the problems facing the world today are probably the worst and most complex in history, and as the leader of the free world, Obama, although having been in office only six months, is looked upon as its salvation.

And finally, I can’t think of anything that would give the racists of this country more aid and comfort than the picture of throngs of Blacks marching in protest against President Obama.

No thanks! I have been an active civil rights supporter for more than six decades, but I am going to have to chicken out on this one. As one brother put it, “He has enough wolves nipping at his heels already. He don’t need us to join the pack.”

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