Opening weekend party


by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low | 8/1/09 • What is love? ‘Tis not hereafter;
present mirth hath present laughter —

what’s to come is still unsure.
In delay, there lies no plenty,
so come and kiss me, sweet and twenty,

youth’s a stuff will not endure.

The after-party for Friday supposedly had a Mardi Gras theme, though I saw only a few beads and masks floating about. No naked flesh was delivered on, alas.

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I spent most of the evening working the room. I did step up to dance once or twice, mainly to note that apparently early nineties dance music has finally and firmly established its credibility. My generation — my stupid, stupid generation — has come into its own.

I particularly noted Haddaway’s What is Love, which also played twice at the after-parties for the Kansas City Fringe. The only reason that song still exists is because of the Saturday Night Live sketch; otherwise, it would have vanished into oblivion a decade ago.

(My dark secret being that I actually kind of like the song.)

Phillip Andrew Bennett Low ( is a playwright and poet, storyteller and mime, theater critic and libertarian activist, who lurks ominously in the desert wilds of St. Louis Park, feasting upon the hygienically-prepared flesh of the once-living. His main claim to fame is probably as co-founder of the Rockstar Storytellers, and as founder/producer of Maximum Verbosity, a garage-band-like theater troupe that is in a state of constantly re-defining itself.

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