An Open Letter To Britney Spears


We at MassGlobalMegaCorp find it highly regrettable that some in the entertainment media are portraying Britney Spears’ private transformation as a “public breakdown.”

We believe that to dismiss Ms. Spears’ recent behaviors simply as the product of an unbalanced or traumatic psychological crisis is to offer the most limited, unimaginative – and perhaps most erroneous – view of her experience.

We at MassGlobalMegaCorp would like to gently offer another perception. Because we are not her, we assert no right to do this; however, because we believe that Ms. Spears is presently undergoing a most unique and urgent change, we respectfully offer our view in the hope that it reflects a sense of accuracy we feel Ms. Spears’ recent changes are going after.

We at MassGlobalMegaCorp believe that Ms. Spears is in the midst of a profoundly transformational process. We believe she is essentially shedding herself, and in the process of “shedding” [we believe] she is actively revising herself.

Like a butterfly winds through various life cycle stages, we feel Ms. Spears is moving into the next stage of her artistic and/or non-artistic life cycle by purposefully deconstructing her pop star image. We believe that her most recent actions (i.e., head shaving, tattoos, etc) may seem confusing – but we believe the confusion is completely intentional and specifically designed for members of the public who have no real conception of who she is beyond what they read from superficial snippets provided by the entertainment media.

Furthermore, we believe the strangeness of her behavior is far beyond the point. Much more importantly, we believe that Ms. Spears is experiencing a unique form of enlightenment; because she is a public figure she is choosing to share her experience with the American public.

To repeat: we believe that Ms. Spears is mindfully detaching herself from the image and the trappings of the public image that surrounded and perhaps overwhelmed her private self. In other words, we can’t say for sure – but we strongly suspect she is breaking free of her former image.

We at MassGlobalMegaCorp also recognize that Ms. Spears could also be in a vulnerable state, and we wish to make it known to her that as amazed as we are by her sudden transformation….we are nevertheless concerned that her transformation is properly understood and recognized for exactly what it is.

We believe that Ms. Spears may be communicating to us – and indeed to anyone who has ever felt trapped by an identity. She is, in her own way, communicating a very real and urgent message: _you can change who you are_.

If by chance Ms. Spears herself reads this, we thank you for being the person you are and/or will be – and we gently encourage you as you continue to be whoever you are, regardless of where you are in the process of construction or deconstruction. We cheer you on as you take the necessary steps to define yourself and not let the media define who you are.

Please feel totally welcome to contact MassGlobalMegaCorp at any time if you would like to describe your current self adjustments without judgement, cynicism, or distortion.


Neil Cunningham
Ultra Omega Supreme Co-Leader, MassGlobalMegaCorp