One mom’s story of a raid


On Saturday morning Will and his roommates at 3500 Harriet were awakened by police with semi-automatic rifles. They were forced to lie face down on the floor with their hands zip-tied behind their backs while the Ramsey County Sheriff’s dept officers searched the house. They wouldn’t tell them why they were there or show them a search warrant until they were leaving. The police doing the raid were using nicknames for themselves, like the Terminator and the Executioner… as in “has anyone checked in on the Terminator?”

Apparently they were looking for evidence of bomb-building. There have been a bunch of out-of-town visitors staying at their house for the RNC protests. All these kids are 18 or 19 and no one was planning to be involved in any violent actions.

No one was arrested or taken in for questioning but they did take computers and personal journals. I asked Will if they gave him a receipt for his computer – yeah, right. Lawyers showed up soon afterwards and will help them decide if they have a case against the police.

It was pretty scary for us – a friend who is their neighbor called at 8:00 a.m. and said, “Sorry to call so early, but Will’s house is surrounded by police and there are kids face down in the yard in handcuffs and something about bomb-building” We walked down there – the house was surrounded by Minneapolis police but the search was being done by Ramsey county and maybe some feds. We didn’t know what was happening or how long they’d be inside or if anyone would be taken in. Will finally called and said they let him out but there were still kids inside being questioned and IDed. Eventually they let everyone out. did a video interview with them shortly afterwards. Will is in the background, sitting on the couch. His girlfriend Rachel is doing most of the talking. Near the end they talk about the nicknames and what they took.

Jane Hamsher of and Glenn Greenwald of interview peace protesters whose homes were raided by Ramsey County Police on August 30, 2008.