One business owner feels the effects of buying local


Minnesota 2020 reported a couple of weeks ago on the prominent role the Minnesota Twins placed on local businesses at Target Field.

The profile highlighted Kramarczuk’s, the Eastern European deli and grocer found mere blocks from the new baseball stadium.  Co-owner Mike Gordienko recently told me about the bounce in sales his restaurant saw in the immediate aftermath of the announcement that Target Field would be serving its sausages.

The offerings have proved popular. Eager fans are waiting upwards of 45 minutes to get their hands on the local fare. Gordienko says that staff at Target Field have been surprised by fans’ insatiable demands and that the stadium has already ordered a new grill for the Kramarczuk’s stand, as well as a revised delivery schedule in an attempt to help speed things along.

Gordienko says his small deli will strive to meet overwhelming demand.  The first summer will be a learning process as Kramarczuk’s learns to balance their supply with a tight delivery schedule and small storage space.

But Gordienko’s not complaining.  He’s currently shipping more than a ton of sausage over to the ballpark for each three- or four-game home stand. Since the announcement of the deal with the Twins, Kramarczuk’s has seen a significant increase in sales, and the restaurant has added three permanent staff members. He’s proud to see the team pumping money into the local economy and remains optimistic that Kramarczuk’s will be able to keep up with hungry Twins fans.

And, at some point, he hopes to be able to relax and watch a bit of baseball in the new park.