OLM’s Kerper Dwanyen leaves for Liberia


The Liberian Journal has confirmed that Mr. Kerper Dwanyen, President of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, will be leaving for Liberia to pursue what he termed” Business opportunity”.

For more than two weeks, the Liberian community in Minnesota has been flooded with many versions of an unsettling chatter that President Dwanyen has decided to pursue a more lucrative venture in Liberia, perhaps saving himself the pains and frustrations associated with managing an increasingly challenging and stressful OLM.

Earlier last week, The Liberian Journal phoned Mr. Dwanyen to verify the authenticity of the information. In a short telephone conversation, Mr. Dwanyen confirmed: “Yes, I will be leaving for Liberia soon, perhaps around December, to pursue business opportunity”.

Before then, an unimpeachable source told The Liberian Journal that Mr. Dwanyen is considering the possibility of contesting the 2011 senatorial elections and that he is secretly assembling a robust political machinery to generate an early momentum in Nimba County, his county of origin.

The source said that Mr. Dwanyen will pose a serious electoral challenge to any one of the current senators—Prince Johnson or Aldolphus Dolo. He referenced the fact that Mr. Dwanyen’s father served as superintendent of the county, saying, “this is the trump card”.

“He has friends working things out for him and the chances are high that he would land himself a deputy manager position at one of our public corporations, while preparing to hit the ground running with his electoral plans” said the source, who spoke to TLJ on conditions of anonymity.

The timing of the rumor and the President’s confirmation raises new questions about how soon the President would pack up and say goodbye to the community, if indeed his trip is just not about business.

What is clear, however, is that the next several weeks, if not months, would give us a more detailed picture of what to expect or what the real story is.