An ode to drag (“Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical”)


Glitter and pink,
Feathers and lights,
Oh what do you think,
Could be on this night?

What else but a drag show?!
The wigs are a plenty.
The rhinestones, they glisten
And sparkle like pennies.

Once a movie,
And now put to stage
Priscilla’s a show
To last through the ages.

Somewhat of a cult crowd,
Enthusiastic, for sure.
Their ages varied,
With outfits couture.

Though quite fluffy,
And not too deep,
The down under drag queens
Are something to keep.

A heartwarming scene,
Of father and son
The impromptu rock out
Had me about done.

But “done” in a good way,
Spent from the cute,
It was adorably awesome
And genuine to boot.

Though the only things sung,
Were already written,
The covers were lovely,
They sure had me smitten
(but maybe that was because
of the plentiful abs)

A lighthearted show,
I sure didn’t cry,
But I laughed like crazy,
And left on a high.