Occupy MN targets ALEC and corporate influence in government


Occupy organizers say corporate money has too big of an influence on Minnesota’s government and there needs to be reforms.

Scott Hargarten of Occupy Minneapolis and Occupy MN says those reforms target the corporate influence that groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Hargarten says corporations use ALEC “to coerce state governments into basically serving their interests” by passing model bills the corporations have drawn up.

“There’s not a single bill produced by ALEC that doesn’t explicitly serve their interests, whatever the actual language of the bill might be. It’s part of a design to increase their profits at the expense of the average person.” Hargarten told the press on Monday.

Occupy plans to unveil it’s plan for state government reform during a 4pm February 29th rally on the front steps on Minnesota’s state capitol building.

Before then, organizers are asking people to attend tomorrow’s Minnesota precinct caucuses and push for campaign finance reform. Hargarten says people should attend whatever party caucus they choose, Republican DFL or Green. As leverage with the DFL Occupy MN is urging people to vote for “uncommitted” instead of President Obama.