Occupy MN, day 4


The Occupy Minnesota protest continues in the plaza between the Hennepin County Government Center and the Minneapolis City Hall. Yesterday, Dave Romm talked to some of the participants about a federal holiday being observed at the same time.

One of the people interviewed by Dave Romm mentioned comments over the weekend by Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. The protester claimed that Occupy MN participants were called “filthy”, but that is incorrect. Johnson, speaking to the Midwest Leadership Conference in Bloomington on Friday, said the protesters were “socialists, anarchists, flower children” who were “very messy.”

Later, Johnson used his blog to apologize, saying the remarks were unscripted and that he went for some “cheap applause”

“I made the comment off-the-cuff in a joking way to a group of conservative activists. And while it was not meant for public consumption, when I read it in print later it certainly came off as rather mean and obnoxious (to use my own term).” [Audio below]