Occupy “die in” at Iowa DNC protests NDAA, corporate control of politics


Occupy the Caucus took aim at Democrats on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, holding a “die in” to protest President Obama signing a law that could allow Americans to be held indefinitely without trial if they are accused of terrorism.

“It’s a slippery slope of what is terrorism and coming at the American people,” said one member of the group.

Protesters also wanted Democrats to know they were just as guilty as Republicans when it comes to allowing corporate money to heavily influence the nation’s policy decisions.

Protesters lay on the floor of a hotel that houses the Democratic National Committee’s Iowa “war room,” playing dead while one read a statement.

“The people lying before you represent the victims of the one percent’s war on democracy both at home and abroad. We are determined to remain here until Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee agrees to meet with us to discuss our demands that corporate money be removed from national politics and civil liberties be restored to their primary position in all public policy. We seek a discussion about how the Democratic Party will stop serving the interests of Wall Street and corporate money and start putting people before profits.”

On Sunday, the group had invited Schultz to meet with them, but she declined the invitation according to an Occupy press release.

Twelve of the protesters were arrested for trespassing.

Video by Roger Routh