Nurturing Hmong artists


The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (or CHAT) has as its mission to nurture and develop Hmong artists to enhance the community. Kathy Mouacheupao is its Executive Director and wears many hats – as arts advocate, organizer, manager and number one fan. She also writes for Hmong Today newspaper.

Tou SaiKo Lee created the spoken word group F.I.R.E. (Free Inspiring Rising Elements) and is an emcee for the dynamic hip hop duo called Delicious Venom. He is the Director of Creative Development for CHAT and holds a monthly Asian American open mic event called I.C.E. (Innovative Community Elevation). On special occasions, he teams up with his grandmother, Youa Chang, to create, in his words, “fresh traditions” drawing upon traditional Hmong Poetry Chanting.

CHAT has produced the CD compilation called “The H Project” to raise awareness about the suffering and genocide of Hmong people who are still trapped behind enemy lines in Laos today.

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