NRRC celebrates 35 years of serving North Minneapolis businesses and residents


The Northside Residence Redevelopment Council (NRRC) was established 35 years ago to empower the residents of the Near North/Willard-Hay Minneapolis neighborhoods to be the primary agents for the improvement of social, economic, and general livability standards of their neighborhoods. Simply said, NRRC gives the people who are active in the community the power to change the community.

The citizens’ ability to change the neighborhood is enabled through participation in the programs NRRC offers, which include: Small Business Development, Housing Development, NRRC Properties, Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention and Economic Development.

Changing the environment through improved landscaping is one change the members of NRRC are currently engaged in.

“For some reason our [Northside] avenues are missing a lot of trees and we have a great deal of brown fields, which is contaminating the soil,” explained Executive Director Sherrie Pugh. “One tree provides oxygen for four people, so if neighborhoods are missing a lot of trees, it has a definite impact on people’s health and the way people feel about the place they live. We want to build the humanity and the environment back up in our community to strengthen families,” Pugh told “Conversations with Al McFarlane Public Policy Forum,” October 31st, 2005.

As the new Executive Director of an organization that directly serves the Black Community and maintains the achievement of having all Black executive directors, Pugh brings new vision and affirmation of community values to NRRC. While Pugh is more than excited about her appointed leaderhsip, she is cognizant of former leaders who paved the path she now walks. “With the spirit of our Mission, we work to build an economically and socially healthy community that we can sustain. As I lead the organization into the new millennium, I must acknowledge the exceptional leadership that preceded me to build our strong organizational track record.”

She was referring to a track record that developed 400 units of affordable housing; built and rehabbed 100 single family homes; facilitated over 24 business start-ups and relocations in the neighborhood thus creating new jobs and training scores of new entrepreneurs; and assisted families in saving their homes from foreclosure and mortgage “flipping.”

In order to accomplish their goals, NRRC works in many partnerships – with residents, community institutions, city and state agencies and the private sector.

“If you share in our vision, I encourage you to contact us,” beckoned Pugh, “Get involved and join us as we make this journey to achieving a community of different neighborhoods that share a common theme: smart, family friendly and ours.”

For more information on NRRC or to participate in its programs, contact (612) 335-5924 or visit