SATURDAY PICK | Patrick Scully and friends are naked, but “Not Guilty!”


Among its many distinctions, Patick’s Cabaret is the Twin Cities’ foremost standard-bearer for proud theatrical nudity. Founder Patrick Scully doesn’t always restrict his clothelessness to the stage, though, which is why Not Guilty!, the collection of performances he’s curating, carries the disclaimer that Scully may not himself appear in the event that he loses his court case for public indecency: he swam naked in Twin Lake. The show will go on with or without Scully, though, and without clothes for many of the performers—including Heidi Arneson and “her nude chorus” who will open the show with a “chant, dance and wiggle in celebration of the tiny Tiger Worm.” No, that’s not a little worm in the Sugarhill Gang sense—this is a piece about the environment, in a state of nature. Careful when you bite dem apples.