FREE SPEECH ZONE | Not the change I hoped for


Last Tuesday morning, August the 30th, I gave a speech at a Rally outside of the Minneapolis Convention Center. Unlike other speeches in the past however, this was one was a bit tougher to give, as personal to me as the speeches in which I told my own Iraq War story, with a reality just as hard to swallow.

It was tough because I had to let the current President of the United States, who, unlike the president before him, I truly believed in, know just how much he had let me down.

I let it be known that I wasn’t only let down by what this Administration had done, continues to do, but that I felt betrayed by its actions, by how closely it resembles its predecessor.

It’s an embarrassing, hard thing to face. All of that optimism, all of the involvement with the campaign, all of the faith and hope that was placed upon a man who seemed to be the kind of person who was a man of his word, a man who just might actually change Washington for the better, turning out to be nothing more than dust in the wind, an illusion.

It all makes me wonder, that if someone like Mr. Obama really isn’t the ‘Change’ that he made himself out to be, then who really is?

The whole affair has really started to sour me on the entire American Political System, but it’s not like that hadn’t started to happen already.

This whole change in perspective, by the way, doesn’t mean that I’m simply going to run away from this crooked, twisted thing we call American Politics, but it does mean that I likely will not be as personally invested in any politician or current major political party quite like I had been before, I don’t think I could personally take another letdown of this magnitude again.

Like I said, I simply can’t walk away from the entire political process because that’s what keeps the damned thing the same, that’s what lets it continue on, too many individuals getting disheartened and not voting or paying attention anymore.

No, I will remain engaged so that I can be a part of whatever solution there is to all of this B.S., be it a different structure altogether, or a major re-shuffling of this debacle we call a Democracy.

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