No transparency: Chili boss Larson continues to dominate


Central Minnesota failed to break the iron-fisted rule of chili cookoff boss Merle Larson, as his chili once more dominated the Meeker County Chili-off. Larson won the Grand Champion category with a Black Bean, Green Chili and Pork concoction.

A traveling “Chili Champion” trophy was added to the mix, along with the traditional certificate suitable for framing. Bluestem Prairie believes this prize exists solely to shake the confidence of DFL chefs at the CD 29 & 30 Chili Cook Off on November 7. Last spring, Larson swept the competition in Rochester as well.

Bluestem Prairie is a hip (but not cynical) rural magazine for those who prefer take their corn with a progressive chaser and tongue planted firmly in cheek.

When the 50 or so guests (not counting the many DFL gubernatorial campaigns and their staff) called for recipe transparenc at the Darwin Rod and Gun Club, Larson refused to release his recipe.

Repeated cries for transparency were met with stony silence.

Perhaps Bluestem will try fundraising by issuing t-shirts: “I entered the Meeker County Cookoff and all I got was this lousy heartburn.”  

Hal Kimball has more from the event at Blue Man in a Red District.

Update: The Pine County DFL held its Donkey Chili feed on Sunday, I as mentioned in my first post about the chili rivalry.  In a note to Red Rock on Air, Senate District Chair Barbara Peterson notes the outcome of a “bean poll”:

As for the Bean Poll that was conducted, it was a 2-way tie for first place, between State Sen. Tom Bakk,who also attended and spoke, and Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Second place also showed a tie between Sen. Mark Dayton and State Sen. John Marty. Third place went to Matt Entenza.

Photo: Merle Larson accepting the prize at the last CD 29 & 30 Chili Cookoff. Can no one stop this tyrant?