‘Nightmare on Sesame Street’ is family-friendly political theater


Southside Family School sees education as something that moves outside the classroom and into the community, beyond textbooks and into all sorts sources of knowledge: independnet study, community service, activism and the arts. Their annual social justice musical comedy is one example of this educational philopsphy.

This year’s play is “Nightmare on Sesame Street” , a confluence of globally warmed-up disasters and corporate profit hunger, plus clever de-familiarizing of some famous kids’ TV figures: It features kids acting, singing, dancing and orignal materials created by Southside Family School faculty and students. Here’s an excerpt from one song in the show, a variation on the Sound of Music classic, ” My Favorite Things”:

Bright shiny prisons with easy admissions
Pretty new products with toxic emissions
Pricey new condos all tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

The annual Southside Family School social justice play is family-friendly entertainment with real substance. The performance last an hour and is time well spent.

June 7 – 9 (Wed – Fri) 7:00 at Walker Church 16th Ave. and 31st St. Minneapolis (612) 872-8322