The next next step


Lissa Jones has me on as her guest for “Urban Agenda” (KMOJ – Radio), May 31, 6pm.  Since neither us are known for holding our tongues, should be a lively chat.

Elsewise, weighed in at MN Spokesman-Recorder with Something I Said commentary on the CeCe McDonald travesty.  Also in MSR, obit for Donna Summer.

Have it on good authority, namely Inukshuk Pass guitarist Mark Martin (who, for a quiet cat, raise three different kinds of hell when he sings), there’s enough good material in the can to complete the Angels EP.  Cool beans.  Right now, though, IP backup vocalist Amber Gay signed on.  And Amber don’t know it, but, we’re doing versions of “Angels Don’t Really Fly”.  No, Martin ain’t on neither one. Duet with me and Amber.  Track with her singing everything.  Don’t tell her.  After that, back to Winterland Studios later in the year to finish the mix.  Looks like the damn thing may finally get done after all.

Something I Said  (Papyrus Publishing, Inc) is at Magers & Quinn and Uncommon Grounds.

June 1, back at Corner Coffee, 7PM, 514 No. 3rd St.  Might be solo, might be with Mark Dorshak.  Never know which way the wind blow with that beloved maniac.

New book deal still looks good.

Butch & Sundance are constantly swearing starvation.  Anybody need a pair of cute, furry slippers?

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