MUSIC REVIEW: Sea Whores, Wild!!Wing and STNNNG at the Turf Club

Last Thursday night was bittersweet for me - it was the last night I'll be in the Turf Club for a while. They are renovating and putting in a kitchen. I'm sure it'll be worth it but it leaves a hole in the music scene in St Paul. But it was a good night.

The night started with Sea Whores. They are an interesting band. They're a little noisy (I mean noise genre) - with some serious screech and feedback. They play with the accoutrements of the instruments as much as the instrument - well that's not really true but there's a lot of interaction with playing the music and playing with the sound of the music in a good way. And the set started with some show-tune-lounge-type singing against touches of Metallica. Again, super interesting and fun.

I was excited to see Wild!!Wing because I'm a big fan of the Birthday Suits and the drummer from the Birthday Suits plays with Wild!!Wing. Birthday Suits is super-fast and powerful. Wild!!Wing is more traditional rock - lots of guitar battles. They're very powerful but not as fast. I enjoyed them, but missed the speed. Mind you that's not damning with faint praise; the Birthday Suits set a very high bar in my mind. I will look for opportunities to see Wild!!Wing again - if only to see what more they can do with the mini Danger-Will-Robinson robot member of the band.

I like the sound of STNNNG. They share members with some of the previous bands. I always enjoy seeing musicians in difference roles. I have seen STNNNG before - at the Turf Club. It would be interesting to see them in a different venue. The lead singer was quick to jump to the floor, leaving the rest of the band on stage. Last time I saw them, I think he was close to hanging from the rafters. It's a lot of moving around but I like their sound.

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