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UPDATED 5/31/2014 | With both Democrats and Republicans holding state conventions this weekend, the 2014 election season is off to a flying start. The Daily Planet has spreadsheets showing who's running for what (details below), as well as coverage of metro-area and statewide races.

If you're a political junkie, The Uptake has wall-to-wall coverage of this weekend's conventions. The Republican convention is already underway on Friday, and the DFL will convene on Saturday — just click here for the live coverage and live-blogging by The Uptake.

While party conventions make some endorsements, lots of candidates ignore the endorsements and go right ahead to the primary election. Here are the relevant dates for this year's election cycle (hat tip to Session Daily):

  • May 20–June 3 — Candidate filing period. Candidates running for a partisan office need to file.
  • June 27 — Absentee ballots will be available for the Aug. 12 primary election. 
  • July 22 — Pre-registration deadline for primary election. Voters may still register at their polling place on primary election day.
  • Aug. 12 — Primary election day. 
  • Sept. 19 — Absentee ballots will be available for the Nov. 4 general election.
  • Oct. 14 — Pre-registration deadline for the general election. Voters who miss this deadline may still register at their polling place on Election Day.
  • Nov. 4 —Election Day

Who's running for what? That's still a little hard to say.

Some candidates have announced, but not yet officially filed their candidacy with the Secretary of State. Some will file by June 3, and others will not. Some candidates will drop out after they fail to win endorsement — others will continue through the primary.

It's hard to keep track of everyone, and we don't have the resources to do it, so we welcome your updates. We also welcome your opinions — we won't have the resources to report on all the races, but we can publish lots of what you send. (Of course, if you send an article about Mr. Wonderful Candidate every Monday and Wednesday, we won't publish all of that.)

Here's how to use our 2014 Election Spreadsheet:

1) Click on the link to see the spreadsheet — that takes you to the front page.

2) To see specific races, click on the tabs at the bottom of the page. Use the arrows at the right of the tabs to scroll back and forth to show more races.

We'll update the spreadsheet when we can — and as soon as we can after the June 3 filing deadline. 

Our 2014 Election Spreadsheet — and our dozen-plus election pages have a lot of great information. In looking them over today, I also discovered (and fixed) some errors and outdated information. If you find anything else that needs correction, just send an email to elections [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net. And settle in to enjoy (?) the campaign/election season. 

UPDATE: Here are some Republican endorsements:

Governor - Scott Honour

Secretary of State - Dan Severson

Attorney General - Scott Newman

State Auditor - Randy Gilbert

U.S. Senator - Mike McFadden 


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