A New Urban Market comes to Uptown


What started as Roxie Speth’s mission to sell her art has turned into a public art and produce market. A group of organized, motivated and creative local residents has started planning what they hope is three days of a Public Market of arts, crafts and produce in Uptown. If they are successful they hope to make it a weekly event by the following year.

Two meetings into the planning, they’ve already decided 29th Street along the Midtown Greenway between Lyndale and Fremont Avenues is the most attractive location for the event. In order for success the site must have a low-cost accessible venue that is close to the center of Uptown with transportation options to promote the idea of a local en-vironmentally friendly market.

Jeff Forester, board member for Urban Earth and CARAG, has special duty to coordinate an earlier effort initiated by Urban Earth to start their own market. He sees the potential to combine forces of both organizations to move things forward.

Interested parties can email roxiespeth@uptownmarket.org for more information or visit www.uptownmarket.org.

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