New stuff in ECCO


Just like the garden tomatoes that are leaping over the tops of their towers, new ideas and activities are revving up in East Calhoun. And YOU are invited to join in, or start something new with your own Big Idea.

A garden club is forming, and will establish meeting times and plans. Look for it on our website, (, and in eblasts. Sign up for them at

Summer Socials will continue through September in our lovely outdoor locations.

What would you like to see happen as the weather gets cold? What would you be willing to do to keep the connections going?

Pavement Painting is in development in intersections to slow traffic, create gathering places and have a good time. Your input is needed, with possible locations, design ideas and sign-up for the hands-on of painting. We hope to paint in the spring of 2011, but need to do planning in detail before that.

An ECCO tradition-Labor Day Celebration

The Labor Day parade, dinner and bingo event, a longtime neighborhood tradition, is here for you. Labor Day is Monday, September 6.

We need YOU, in order to make it happen, and we need to make some changes to be able to offer it. This year, we will ask for $5 per person/ $20 max per family to help cover costs. The wine tasting event, which provides a major source of revenue for Uptown neighborhoods, including this event, is usually held in early summer. This year it did not happen, but may still take place this fall. We don’t want to spend money for this that we don’t have.

In past years, a few people have done most of the work to put this event together. Now, more folks are needed, both beforehand, and on Labor Day. Please, lend your hands, and let your heart be warmed by doing so.

Please contact me about any of the above. Nancy Ward, ECCO Board president,