New streetcar funding study favors Nicollet


The Minneapolis City Council has given the Public Works department the go ahead to apply for Federal Funds through the TIGER II and/or the FTA Alternatives Analysis Program. The potential $900,000 Planning Grant will be used to study the viability of the Nicollet to Central Avenue corridor for implementation of a streetcar line. 

As a first priority, the Nicollet to Central Avenue corridor was considered  over other potential cross city routes such as Hennepin/University, Broadway/Washington, Chicago or Midtown LRT. The city’s assessment chose Nicollet over the others as the most viable based on the one route most likely to win study grant money from either of the two grants.

Although the Midtown LRT route is still considered a top priority, the City believes that because the route is county property more discussion should take place between the City and County before pursuing funding according to Jenifer Loritz, Principle Professional Engineer for Public Works Department, City of Minneapolis.

A full report on the progress of this plan will be presented by Anna Flintoft also of Public Works at the CARAG Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 21, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Bryant Square Park.