New Minnesota Legislature gives old bills animation


I stated in a previous posting the difference the new Republican Legislature may take on privacy issues. There will be differences on other issues as well.

Proposed legislation that went nowhere because of who controlled the legislature in the past may now see some daylight and get some traction. Bills that could curtail organized labor efforts, affect the rights of citizens to bear arms, require welfare recipients to be part of a finger-imaging system, for example, are proposals that could get a welcoming committee hearing.

It does not necessarily mean that the bills will become law. The Legislature has to contend with Governor Mark Dayton, DFL, who may veto some of these proposals. Secondly, constitutional proposals need only a majority of the House and Senate to be placed on the ballot.

No matter what happens to the initiatives by the GOP the direction and mood of public debate will change.

The following are some bills that Republican legislators introduced during the last legislative session:

To find out other proposals and initiatives that may get new life because of the change at the Capitol check out the Minnesota legislative bill search.