New Media Skills Fellowships start in September


Thanks to the generosity of the Bush Foundation, we have a chance to work with two groups of Media Skills Fellows this year. The first session was in the spring, and the second group will begin in September. Our spring cohort of Media Skills Fellows was great!

Now we are ready to consider applications for the ten positions in the fall 2013 group. Here’s a description of what we are looking for:

Who: Ten people, diverse in race, gender, age, ethnicity and life experience, who want to learn and share skills to use on behalf of their community.

What: Sharing and learning a variety of media skills, including basic reporting, use of social media and basic photo and video skills

Why: To use these skills for better communication in/about/on behalf of your community.

When: Ten sessions, 6:00-8:30 p.m. (light dinner included), on Wednesday in September-November, and additional work for a total of at least 100 hours.

We will work as a small community that models and practices good storytelling and communication skills, with fellows contributing their insights and skills.

Here’s what some of the spring cohort of Media Skills Fellows had to say about what they learned:

  • How to trust my instincts as a writer
  • The ability to discern what a good story may be – if I’m interested in it, maybe I can make someone else interested in it
  • Interviewing skills: ask the questions, let them talk, don’t keep interrupting
  • The difference between photography and photojournalism
  • WordPress
  • It takes time – one thing at a time.

Here’s some of what they did:

  • I crossed the digital divide now and I’m kind of shocked that I did.
  • I wrote that article. That was a major overhaul. I have been thinking about that for years – where to start, what to say, not to make it overwhelming. Having all of you guys and editing that brought it to fruition.
  • I learned the technical aspects of how to enhance a story – photographs, Creative Commons, videos.
  • I set up a group page on Facebook for my church, and will train people in my church because they want to learn how to use Facebook.
  • I’m a better writer. It has helped me to look at things in a lot of different ways and angles. And with help editing, I’ve learned a lot.
  • I got an opportunity to learn things that I can take forward and do things in the community with.

Sound interesting? If you have the time and desire to learn in community, please contact Mary Turck at to request more information and an application.