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Being alone in a new country, where you don’t know anything can be very scary. You might need someone to stand next to you, hold your hands, and lead you to a new way of life. This was the situation for the first generation of Lao immigrants, but now with many organizations spread throughout the U.S., Lao immigrants aren’t alone anymore. They have many organizations standing by their side.

There are many organizations throughout Minnesota that helps Lao immigrant. For many years, they have been creating programs that help meet the needs of Lao immigrants. They have made a big difference in the Lao community for more than thirty years.

Some organizations like Lao America, Lao Family, and Lao Center provides services to help improve Lao immigrants’ living situations. The types of services that they provide are translation, becoming a U.S citizen, filing income taxes, and finding a job.

Free Speech Zone

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Lao America helps Lao immigrants by giving them the opportunity to be involved with the community. They set up events to keep the tradition, culture, and values of Lao immigrants that are making Minnesota their home. They have Saturday class, where you can go to learn Lao traditional dance, Lao languages, and how to cook Lao food. They have weekly meeting with elders so, they can learn how to eat and stay healthy.

The Lao Center actually calls Lao immigrants to check up on them and keep them up to date on upcoming events. They have programs like elders’ empowerment, youth advancement, and adult stability. These programs help Lao immigrants by providing services that would make them become more independent and live the American dream life. They usually serve Lao families that have low or moderate income. They also set up cultural events that Lao families can be involved in.

The Lao Family is an organization that helps the Lao community by giving support to Lao immigrants and refugees. They have bicultural programs that meet the challenges of the modern American life. They are a non-profit organization that helps Lao immigrants with support since the end of the Vietnam War. 

By having these organizations, Lao families can be a vital part of the community. Making Minnesota a new home to Lao immigrants isn’t easy, but with different Lao Organization support it has been helpful. That is one of the reasons why Minnesota is a new home to many Lao immigrants.