Video: The Future of Southwest Light Rail

Among our regional elected’s, Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin remains one of the strongest voices for an up-to-date public transit system in the Twin Cities metro area. McLaughlin chairs The Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority and the Counties Transportation Improvement Board. The HCRRA has committed to fund 10% and the CTIB, 30% of the Southwest Light Rail Transit project being planned to connect Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Saint Louis Park and the west lakes district of Minneapolis and the southern fringe of North Minneapolis to the Blue and Green LRT lines at Target Field. The State of Minnesota will shovel-in 10%. The plan has been to qualify for Federal Transportation Agency monies which would account for 50% of the project. Continue Reading

10-year-old pepper-sprayed by Minneapolis Police during downtown protest

Social media videos capture scenes of a police officer spraying protestors. Outraged, some protestors and community members are demanding action be taken against the officer.

Shortly after 10 p.m., videos began to surface showing protesters in the streets marching peacefully. Off camera, a police siren can be heard. Moments later amid screams, you could hear someone yelling, “You just maced a 10-year-old kid.” Continue Reading

Four Humors does Every Show at the Fringe at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Four Humors Does Every Show at the Fringe, by Fringe perennials The Four Humors, snagged a last minute spot in the Festival after lingering on the wait list. Using the Fringe lottery ping-pong ball machine, they drew a number and proceeded to perform an improvised version of the the corresponding show. The “winner” at the show we saw was #35-Cursed, by Mark Rosenwinkel. Cursed, based on the play To Damascus, Part I by August Strindberg, describes itself as “a self-destructive artist runs off with a doctor’s wife, embarking on a surreal and mysterious journey that tests the enduring power of love.” Continue Reading

The Adventures of Tapman at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

The Adventures of Tapman, by Chicago-based Tap Man Productions LLC, is a show for all ages, including younger children and their families. Tap Man (Tristan Bruns) fights an evil invisible guy and tries to impress the spunky Modern Marvel (Kate O’Hanlon) through dance. At first it was a lot of work to follow the details of the dialogue-heavy story. There are three characters in the show, but one of them is invisible. This makes it hard to follow the plot. The acoustics of the Illusion made it almost impossible to understand Tapman when he was speaking and tapping at the same time. Hopefully, the cast will make some adjustments for the remainder of the run. Continue Reading

“Amateur Hour” at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival

The title Amateur Hour is a misnomer for the variety show playing at the Illusion Theater. There is nothing amateur about it.  Featuring a cast of  Fringe veterans, it has little bit of everything. Comic monologues, dance, improv, mime, poetry, whoopie cushions, go-go boots, haiku, Erik Satie, boxing for Jesus, and Michael Jackson’s white glove. On paper, it sounds like one of Stefon’s hottest nightclubs from Saturday Night Live. But at its core the show is a nostalgic look back on the beginnings of the cast.  It’s funny, but it’s poignant too. Continue Reading

Made Here showcases Minneapolis street art

Made Here is an ongoing street art festival sponsored by Hennepin Theatre Trust and Andersen Windows. It launched Friday night (July 11) with performances, great food and a tour of visual art stationed around downtown Minneapolis. As a lover of street art, I think it’s fantastic. Street art gives people an opportunity to stop and pay attention. It spurs conversation. In a climate where we run from our car to the building to car because it’s too cold to stop, it’s fun to have an excuse to get out of the car, to visit downtown and to dawdle on the way to a meeting or appointment.

Continue Reading

Southwest Light Rail agreement draws criticism

The Metropolitan Council and the city of Minneapolis have announced a tentative agreement regarding the configuration of the Southwest Light Rail Project. The project’s path through the city of Minneapolis has been controversial, and the mediated agreement requires approval from a number of cities and government agencies before construction can begin. After the deal was announced yesterday, opponents weighed in as South West Light Rail Train advocates moved quickly to meet deadlines for getting federal money. Rico Morales filed this report. [Audio below]Find the original post here. Continue Reading