Neighborhoods get mitigation funds, no eminent domain in U of M stadium bill


The Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill Saturday approving a new, on-campus University of Minnesota football stadium.

Included in the final version are three items of special interest to surrounding neighborhoods: the U of M will start a $1.5 million fund for mitigation of the local impacts of the stadium, with income from the the fund to be used exclusively for that purpose.

The bill also asks the U of M and the City of Minneapolis to “prepare a report on the impact of the university on the surrounding community, and the relationship of the community to the university, including direct and indirect impacts of the university on the surrounding community, addressing issues of public safety, transportation, and housing quality, availability and affordability;” ways to “improve coordination between the U and surrounding residential and business areas;” ways to strengthen those areas.

Finally, the bill states that the U of M Board of Regents “may not acquire the fire station number 19 building for the construction of the stadium and related infrstructure, either directly or indirectly, through the exercise of the power of eminent domain.”

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