NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Radical community calendar, December 30-January 5


Science Day – 12/30 – 2pm

Join us for a day of science, mathematics, and experimentation at the Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis). We’ll have thought-provoking presentations, fun demonstrations, and plenty of good company.

There are unlimited cool science topics, so we encourage you to bring your own presentation or science experiment – or just bring an inquisitive mind!

This event will be appropriate for folks of all backgrounds and ages – bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Donations to support the MFS are most welcome.

Contact Carrie or Marc ( if you have questions or proposals.

Movie Monday: Wallace & Gromit – 12/31

Wallace & Gromit
Dec. 31st, 4pm-6pm
Join us for a kid friendly movie at the Minnehaha Free Space! This month we’re showing “Wallace & Gromit” episodes. Snacks provided!

Here’s a preview of Wallace & Gromit’s “A Grand Day Out”
More info here:

The Minneapolis Childcare Collective provides childcare in solidarity with queers, women, people of color, and poor people, especially poor mothers of color, who are responsible for a disproportional amount of childcare, often excluding them from participating in projects of social change and resistance. We are a volunteer-run organization that is dedicated to providing high quality child care in order to support parents and caregivers’ involvement in organizations of resistance and community building. For more information check out

RadFam – 12/31, 6pm-8pm

radfam is a discussion group in minneapolis where you don’t have to justify your definition of family. the nuclear, biological family is not the norm here. instead, we are interested in promoting individual autonomy in defining what family means. we discuss issues that are at the intersection of families and social justice. we are committed to supporting reproductive justice, queer politics and radical family planning, recognizing that these are concepts to be talked about and negotiated in community. we we are interested in including, not excluding you so if there is something that raises a question for you or if you’d like to make
a suggestion, please reach us at

December meeting: Monday, 12/31 – 6pm-8pm

New Year’s Eve at the Free Space – 12/31 – 8pm-1am

new year’s for introverts!

Board games, fun times, celebrating! Feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Read-Aloud Night at the MFS Library – 1/2 – 6pm

Read-Aloud Night at the Minnehaha Free Space Library

Wednesday, January 2nd @ 6pm

Bring something to read aloud from, choose something from our library, or just listen. Read from your favorite book, zine or poem, hear new stuff, check out books at the Free Space library.

Novels, history, poetry, theory… all are welcome! Just bring something you are about. There will be snacks. Kids welcome – be aware readings may be from all kinds of books.

(Keep readings around 5 minutes – maybe even practice once! Obviously, don’t bring racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise hateful stuff.)

The Free Space is located at 3747 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis.

Give a Favorite Book for the Holidays!

This holiday season, make a gift to the Minnehaha Free Space library in the form of a favorite book!

Our library has a wide selection of almost 2,000 books and hundreds of zines, including, thanks to a rad donor, every new book from AK Press and PM Press. However, we’re seeking to expand our selection in a number of areas, including but not limited to…:

  • Ethnic Studies, particularly including Asian & Pacific Islander, African American and Native/Indigenous topics

  • Family and Childcare

  • Sex, relationships & erotica

  • Activist & Organizing tools

  • *Recent* (or otherwise politically sound) books on transgender and queer topics

If you have a favorite book or zine in these areas, whether new or “experienced”, we would be greatly appreciative of your donation to the community. Books/zines can be dropped off at the Free Space anytime it’s open (note our limited hours between Christmas and New Years), or mailed to us at MARS, PO Box 8222, Minneapolis MN 55408.

Are you a local author or publisher?Consider gifting your book to our library. In exchange, we can host a reading event free of charge.

Are you a STUDENT? Give us your old textbooks now that the semester is finished, and we can turn it into cash with which to buy new books for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer, we’ll do the work of re-selling your textbooks for the best price online, and then cut you a check for 50% of the profits. How easy is that?! Contact us or stop in.

Happy holidays from the MARS Book-wormhole volunteers!

Really Really Free Market – 1/5 – 2pm

Come to the Really Really Free Market at the Minnehaha Free Space at 3747 Minnehaha Avenue in south Minneapolis!

When? – Saturday, 1/5 – 2pm-4pm

Everything here is free: offer what you’d like to give and take what you would like to receive.

Please treat it all as gifts, and please take back home with you the things that you have brought that nobody has taken.

Other Really Really Free Markets will be taking place at the Minnehaha Free Space throughout the winter on the first Saturday of each month.

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