Seniors who need a ride to do some holiday shopping. Seniors who just want to gather for coffee and conversation. Seniors who are moving, in need of health care (foot clinics, exercise classes, home visits, post-operation companions). Seniors who need a ride, legal assistance, help with snow shoveling or housework, pet care, or digital technology.  

For Kay Anderson, Executive Director of it’s all about the seniors, their needs and their strengths.

Today Kay is busily re-locating the NE Seniors offices to a vibrant new setting at Autumn Woods, 2580 Kenzie Terrace. In spite of technology that isn’t quite hooked up yet, phones that are iffy, and a dozen projects that cry out for completion, Kay remains calm and very much at home at Autumn Woods, happy to be in the company of the many seniors she hopes to meet and help in the new site.

Many of Kay’s dreams focus on the potential of technology as a problem-solver for seniors – provided they have access to equipment and some training. She envisions grandparents skyping with their grandchildren, patients getting their medical tests online, individuals interacting with government agencies, ordering groceries and, most of all, communicating with friends and family members via social media of every stripe. NE Seniors has space now – all that’s needed are the equipment and the orientation and support that volunteers are willing to offer.

Kay’s energy and spirit breathe life into the new offices at Autumn Woods. Expect great things – including an open house as soon as the dust has settled. Reach Northeast Seniors at 612 781 5096 or Sign up to receive the quarterly newsletter (print edition) and watch for the online edition of the Northeast Minneapolis Senior Services Directory, now in print and updated online. It’s one of myriad projects, including revision of the website, that’s in the works!

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