NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Friends of the East Lake Library book sale May 19-20


For many of us, free libraries are a vital force that has made America the progressive force it has been in the world. And the world cannot really afford to lose that force with so many challenges to overcome. That is why when we see budget deficits “solved” by cuts to institutions like libraries, we feel compelled to step in and contribute what we can. Partly it has been by donations to the Hennepin County Friends of the Library. Beyond that, though, are events like the Friends of the East Lake Library Book sales. People find affordable book purchases there, and the community library gets a source of funds untouchable by legislative axes. So, this is a chance to mark your calendar for the upcoming sale, which will happen on May 19-20 at the East Lake Library. The Friends hope to see you there, and you know you not only get some great leisure-time entertainment, you also are keeping a great neighborhood institution alive and vital.

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