NCAA making changes to trans policies thanks to Minnesota native


Kye Allums came out as a trans man on his George Washington University women’s basketball team in October, and it’s prompted the NCAA to look at how they deal with gender in the college association’s sports teams, according to Allums, a native of Hugo, Minn., will be back in Minnesota on Friday to play Green Bay at the University of Minnesota for the Best Buy Classic.

The NCAA said:

“As discussions continue and after further review of this topic at the national office, generally speaking a female who wants to be socially identified as a male but has not undergone hormonal treatment may compete on a women’s team, and the team remains a women’s team. A male who wants to be socially identified as a female but has not undergone hormonal suppression may compete on a women’s team, but the team becomes a mixed team for competitive equity reasons.”

Surgery is also a topic that the NCAA is evaluating:

“There is an ongoing review within the NCAA governance structure to develop educational resources and eventually policies regarding transgender student-athlete participation in college sports,” Christianson said. “One consideration is that the determination for transgender student-athlete participation would not rely on or require surgery.”

The NCAA is also working with national transgender advocacy groups on a report called, “On The Team: Equal Opportunity for Transgender Student Athletes.”