NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | The Nativity Tree Lot


The Nativity Tree Lot is a seasonal hot spot in Mac Groveland. The Tree Lots sells Christmas trees and wreaths. It is run by the Nativity Men’s Club. The purpose is outlined on the Tree Lot web site:

As with all Men’s Club activities, the primary function of the Tree Lot is to raise funds for the children of Nativity Parish, School and Early Learning Center.  Over time, the Tree Lot evolved into a focal point of Men’s Club camaraderie. Up to 16 men per day staff the lot amid the ambiance of straw bales, a crackling fire and the signature 1960s construction trailer-turned-warming house.

Last week Nativity sixth grader Lily O’Donnell spoke with Pete Greenheck, Nativity Men’s Club member and Tree Lot chief forester at the Lot. It was a typical night at the Lot. There were about 10 guys working the Lot – many of them from the Harris clan and a few others, Steve Kelly, Tom Howard and Pete Greenheck. Customers come, pick out their tree and have a hot chocolate while someone ties the tree to your roof. There’s a great sense of community in the Lot – with many folks coming back for more hot chocolate even after their tree in up back home.

Learn more about the Nativity Tree Lot in the brief video.

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