National Journal: Walz a “centrist”


I had looked at the National Journal’s recently released rankings of  U.S. senators and representatives, and noticed that Congressman Walz was once again relegated to the ranks of what the publication calls “the centrists.

Funny thing about Republicans: when the National Journal ranks a senator like John Kerry or Barack Obama as “most liberal,” we hear all about it. But when it dubs centrist a congressman like Walz — whom the frontrunner for the GOP endorsement tried to brand as a political radical in a fight bigger than that against terrorism — we hear crickets or explanations about why suddenly the standard they used to damn one Democrat is simply no longer valid. Okay then.

Tim Walz for US Congress Campaign Manager Richard Carlbom sent Bluestem the following:

According to the National Journal, Congressman Tim Walz is a centrist in Congress, securing his position as a moderate amongst his colleagues. Walz, a Democrat from Mankato, MN was elected in 2006 with the promise to be an independent voice for Southern Minnesota.

Tim Walz for US Congress Campaign Manager Richard Carlbom released the following statement:

“Congressman Tim Walz is a common-sense public school teacher twice elected to Congress because southern Minnesotans want effective representation. As 2010 moves along, opponents on the far right-wing will attempt to distort his record in countless ways. The National Journal rankings show just how well he is doing at ensuring southern Minnesota has a moderate, independent voice in Congress.

“Further, it is clear voters want a Representative focused on getting the job done. Congressman Walz positioned well to work with all members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats.

Congressman Tim Walz continues to work with Republicans and Democrats on veteran’s legislation, his bipartisan energy legislation and his call for the consideration of nuclear power to make our country energy independent with Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen.”