A national consensus


In this last year of this corrupt administration it is my hope that we can come to terms with a few things.

First there is no war on terror. What it narrows down to is that this administration went to war with an enemy that wasn’t and lost a war to an enemy that was.

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That enemy was the Taliban of course. And on the rise once again in Afghanistan, where this so called war against terror took form, and was lost.

Lost because the administration gave up on it. Largely due to Iraq, which was first and foremost their target of choice. They even used the play book they intended to use all along. Ousting a tyrant, liberating a people, finding and destroying stockpiles of “weapons of mass destruction”, and bringing democracy to Iraq.

Connecting Iraq to 9/11 was weak and they knew it and honestly wasn’t even worth the effort they put into it. Because they put so much emphasis on so much more. Like all that was mentioned earlier.

Then there is yellow cake from Nigeria. Conclusion was that there was no such thing. They didn’t like that answer so they tried to discredit the source. There is no need, or at least shouldn’t be to go into any more detail about that. Other than to say, that the administration intentionaly outed a CIA operative. Case closed, and hardly a scratch on the criminal element behind it all.

Going back to Iraq and bringing democracy to it. In a fashion unique to a sovereign nation, they already had a form of democracy, and one we hold dear in the US, freedom of religion. Sunis, Shi-ite, Kurds, and Christians alike lived amongst themselves in peace. There is no naivety here, but basic Iraqi historical fact. A peace held together by a tyrant.

There are pockets in Iraq, little communities held together by that same peace that held them for so long, they know each other. Friends and family.

In other parts and because of the occupation that peace has fallen apart. Fallujah and Haditha were no help in any regard, and made the US soldiers enemies of the state if you will.

If you take the time to read blogs from Iraq by those that live or have lived there you can get a better idea of who and what they are. Very much like us.

Our allies fair much worse as far as democracies go. Just recently Saudi Arabia, under Sharia law has sentenced a woman to 200 lashings. Her crime? Being in a car and in the company of men not of her family. Their crime, they raped her. Raped her and she gets punished as well. Saudi Arabia more backwards than a nation we ever dared to call, enemy.