My thoughts on “In Another’s Size”


by Rachel Reiva | 8/11/09 • I have had work commitments that have slowed my finishing the reviews of the Teen Fringe shows. I will be completing my reviews of the Teen shows by the end of the week and then I plan to review some of the non-Teen shows that I saw.

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“In Another’s Size”

In the past I have not always been impressed with Steppingstone productions (except for the one production I was in years ago), but “In Another’s Size” is an impressive mounting by SteppingStone Theatre’s new year-long training program. It is the first Fringe show done by Steppingstone. It was developed by students in a year-long class and it was co-created and directed by Joseph Scrimshaw.

The show is a comedy, via Freaky Friday, where teens switch bodies to explore the stereotypes that prevail in high school society. The production was not perfect, but Brian Kelly was a standout as the lunch lady. The show was kept connected by his strong narration. Kelly’s ability to impersonate other teachers showed his broad range and his ability to change character at the drop of the hat. His performance alone was worth the price of admission.

The story worked for the most part and some scenes were extremely humorous. The most significant drawback with the production was the unevenness of the acting. In addition to Kelly, a few other performers were strong and bold, but other actors were not as strong and often played everything at the same level. Despite the uneven acting, it was still a production that was worth watching. I was surprised to learn that this was the first production that Steppingstone has done for the Fringe. It is a worthy first Fringe production and I hope Steppingstone will participate in future Fringe shows.

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