My thoughts on “Alice Unwrapped”


by Rachel Reiva | 8/9/09 • Nautilus Music-Theater: Alice Unwrapped

Fifteen year-old Alice Bliss is trying to cope: Dad’s missing in action, Mom won’t come out of her bedroom, and her precocious little sister just wants a normal family. Somebody needs to take charge.

If there is a show that you think that would be impossible for only one person to do, it would be this show. Alice Unwrapped in a one woman musical show about a 15 year old girl whose father is a reservist and is called to the Middle East where unfortunately after about a couple of months he is missing in action. Alice lives with her mother and 8 year old sister who she fights with a lot. Her mother is having a constant mental breakdown. She has to take care of her sister and take care of the family that is deteriorating. To top it off she is very socially awkward with the kids at her school because she wears army gear all the time and will not take it off.

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This show was really creative, and Jill Anna Ponasik was fantastic. She kept my attention throughout and was able to create good distinctions between Alice, the mother, and her sister. To be honest with this being in a musical format, I thought would be hard for anyone to do since they would also have to focus on what they are singing, but the songs were great, they flowed well with what the character was telling. There weren’t any awkward moments and it was both very professional and touching through out.

I can’t even think of any suggestions I could give to Jill Anna Ponsick because she just was able to make it a nearly perfect show. The script and the dialogue was strong in content, and the humor was well placed for such a very heavy subject. This is one of those Fringe shows that are ahead of the curve. This is one show that should definitely be reprised outside the Fringe.

I also wanted to say that I’m seeing more shows than I can write. I will write the rest of the teen show reviews and then get to the adult shows second. I’m sorry that it’s taking a bit longer then planned to post. I would have had this post up sooner if it weren’t that my internet server decided to die on me for most of the day. Tomorrow though I should have more teen show reviews posted.

Till then Fringe Goers!

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