My strategy for being more gay this weekend


Each year as Gay Pride approaches, I wonder…

“You mean, I have to be more gay this weekend?”

Since I live near Loring Park, Gay Pride normally means it’s just a little more difficult to get in and out of my neighborhood if I wish to get anything done. I feel like that cranky old man shouting, “Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!”

I think the last time I went down to Loring Park deliberately during Gay Pride was, strangely enough, to help promote a Fringe show. By performing a scene in a pair of pajamas, with a guy wearing tights and a cape as my acting partner. But he was cute, and we got to kiss. So all things considered, pretty gay.

But that was 10 years ago. Pre-blog.

This year, there is no Fringe show. There is no man in tights.

In fact, I’m working most of Gay Pride, as I’m working over at the Guthrie in the box office. Which means I’m also missing most of the Twin Cities Improv Festival (which I actually regret missing more).

However, a bit of a script of mine will be at Gay Pride in my stead.

I’m working with the Flower Shop Project on a production they’re doing with Project 515 about civil rights for gay couples in Minnesota. Another writer, a choreographer, and a couple of musicians are creating material alongside me, all dealing with the long list of laws that treat gay couples differently than their straight counterparts here in our fair state.

The Flower Shop crew will be on the Rainbow Stage in Loring Park (near the intersection of Grant and Willow Streets – close to the big dandelion-style water fountain on that side of the park).

3 p.m., this Sunday, June 27th

One of my scenes will be in the mix. Just keep an eye out for the gay cops. It’s a comedy routine that involves a dead body.

You can check out the scene here if you like – along with some others.

So, enjoy Gay Pride, everybody. My writing will be there, even if I will not. So I’m thinking of you. And glad Pride exists, even if I don’t feel compelled to participate.

I promise I’ll continue to be gay the other 363 days of the year, just to balance things out.

The full Project 515 show will be hitting the stage at Patrick’s Cabaret this fall. More on dates and times as autumn approaches.