The Mutant Squad


by Rachel Reiva | 8/19/09 • The Mutant Squad

the teen fringer is the blog of rachel reiva, one of seven bloggers covering the minnesota fringe festival for the daily planet.

Get your chainsaw and fight along side Axl, Walter, Winona, and Po as they crush mutant skulls with more style than Macaulay Culkin. Who knew the summer of ’93 was so rad?!

Unfortunately I was unable to see the show because I got really lost on the way there. I ended up on the wrong end of Minneapolis which by the time I would have been able to be at the theatre I would have missed it. I’m sorry to have missed but I didn’t want to leave this show out. So, I went to their page on the Fringe site and looked at the various audience reviews. Overall the people enjoyed it and thought it was very funny and entertaining. The acting was strong and the actors were entertaining and fun to watch.

However a lot of people said that it was just all over the place and it seemed that it didn’t stick to the plot that much. Plot for me is always an important part of the play. If the plot isn’t strong then the play will suffer even if it is really funny. I’m sorry I missed it though, it seemed like it would have been a play worth seeing.

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